The Global Consciousness Project

What is the nature of Global Consciousness?

FieldREG Anomalies in Group Situations

R. D. Nelson, G. J. Bradish, Y. D. Dobyns, B. J. Dunne, R. G. Jahn, Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, School of Engineering/Applied Science, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544; (also available as Technical Note, PEAR 95003); Journal of Scientific Exploration, 10(1), 1996, p. 111.

Portable random event generators with software to index and record continuous sequences of data in field situations are found to produce anomalous outputs when deployed in various group environments. These FieldREG systems have been operated under formal protocols in ten separate venues, all of which subdivide naturally into temporal units, such as sessions, presentations, or days. The most extreme data segments from each of the ten applications, after appropriate correction for multiple sampling, compound to a collective probability against chance expectation of 2x10-4. Interpretation remains speculative at this point, but logbook notes and anecdotal reports from participants suggest that high degrees of attention, intellectual cohesiveness, shared emotion, or other coherent qualities of the groups tend to correlate with statistically unusual deviations from theoretical expectation in the FieldREG sequences. If sustained over more extensive experiments, such effects could add credence to the concept of a consciousness field as an agency for creating order in random physical processes.

The overall cumulative divergence of these examples from expectation is shown in a figure that also includes calibration data for comparison:

image: Cumulative Chi-square for 10 FieldREG