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This page is the repository for the occasional updates I have been sending to the GCP mailing list every two or three months over the years. I’ve decided to make the actual note sent via email very short, just an announcement and a link to the current update for a smaller load on the web, and on everybody’s mail queue.

GCP/EGG Update January 01 2016

We begin a new phase in the Global Consciousness Project. The Formal Series of global events was set to end with 500 entries, and that happened on Dec 12 2015. That database constitutes the substance of the experiment testing the GCP formal hypothesis, that great events on the world stage which bring people together in shared thoughts and synchronized emotions will be correlated with changes in the behavior of our network of random sources. That hypothesis was intended to be tested in a series of fully qualified statistical tests, with a priori specified parameters. The result is a definite confirmation of the general hypothesis, with a cumulative seven sigma difference from the null hypothesis expectation. It remains to be seen if we can develop a fully satisfying explanation, but since the experiment and the global events are defined by a criterion of human engagement, the correlation is clearly related in some way to consciousness and possibly to what we have operationally defined as "global consciousness."

The next phase of experimentation will focus more directly on this question. We will continue to use the formal protocol for testing new specific hypotheses, and look for ways to make them useful in the quest for understanding more deeply what goes into the correlations we see. This will be what is sometimes called a "process" orientation, as opposed to a "proof" orientation. We'll be looking into some details and questions inspired by the prior work, and will also invite ideas and assistance from interested scientists and others who want to think deeply about what the data have to teach us. Stay tuned.