The Global Consciousness Project

What is the nature of Global Consciousness?

Published Articles

The number of publications on the Global Consciousness Project is increasing, and this page gives an annotated list of the ones I have available for download or online reading. There are several papers in refereed journals, and a number of lighter pieces for magazines or books intended for a broader audience.

Scientific and Technical Papers

Chapters, Articles

A number of lighter, more descriptive pieces have been published. These usually include an introductory treatment of the technical issues, and some examples of the kind of results we see. In addition, some of these provide a more aesthetic and speculative interpretative stance, and an attempt to connect the esoteric findings to human interests.


Interviews provide a different perspective on the project, and allow me to be responsive to questions and concerns that don’t necessarily get any attention in articles and technical papers.


Presentations often provide instructive perspectives on the GCP results. Some are very general, and others look at particular aspects or questions based on the long term database.