Software for GCP

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Where Things Are

(See also the EGG Data page on the website)

  • For new hosts who can run Linux or Unix, there is a page with instructions and download link at
  • Latest update to egg and basket code. Source and compiled code accessible by command line ftp (use your own username and password). /home/john/egg/egg-r4
    The software now is available in the same directory on
    Another directory, egg-r5 exists (98-09-26), but John has not yet said it is a new release. As of 99-01-01, Greg has made release 5 beta available in /home/egg/src, or via the link above.

    These releases contain the source code and the executable program for running an egg on your Unix machine. You may need to compile from source for your particular machine. There is complete documentation in the source code (egg.c) and all the changes from earlier versions are in the log.doc file.

  • Location of running basket program and data files.
  • Current status report on eggs reporting to the basket program
    This is now supplanted by the link from home page to EGG network status.
  • Config file that defines the eggs basket will see
    A new field has been defined for the configuration file, to specify a URL wrapped around the egg name in the HTML status report produced by the basket. This is done with a new optional seventh field on the EGG declaration in the .basketrc file. For example:
    BASKET diesse
    EGG diesse 37 diesse PERM 1
    EGG noosphere 28 noosphere PERM 1
    EGG throop 1003 throop PERM 1
  • Location of analysis programs

    John has developed a forms-based query interface which permits custom retrieval of data from the real-time database files maintained by the basket. Simply enter the date for which you're requesting data and the start and end times, and you receive an easy-to-parse CSV file with the second-by-second results from all eggs which have reported data for that period to the basket.

    You can experiment with data retrievals by accessing this URL. You can make requests of this server with lynx and http_get, as well as URL streams from Java, to retrieve current data from the basket.

    As of early November, the website EGG Data page has links to some of the data processing and access materials provided by John.

  • Html pages summarizing daily data
  • A collection of graphic and music files playing back selected days
  • The cron job that updates the analysis and creates new date's html page
    17 20 * * * /home/john/analysis/Yesterday
  • An introduction to probability and statistics, by John Walker
  • Some interesting info on how time is officially reckoned
  • Timezones Explanations and information on the timezones around the world, to help orient the GCP locations and predictions.
  • And a site where you can locate yourself on the globe; longitude, latitude, and distance between locations.
    Speaking of the globe, there are fine, detailed pictures available on the NASA pages.