Perennial Wisdom

Truth alone wins, not untruth. By Truth is established the path that leads to the Divine, by which the seers, who have fulfilled their desires, reach to the Supreme abode of Truth.

- - Mundaka Upanishad III.1.6

Throughout history wise and discriminating people of all lands have sought a Truth which is Universal and Eternal. Yet this has been the main quest not only of philosophers and mystics but of all of us in life's more profound moments. Deep inside ourselves we all long for an Absolute Truth through which we can transcend suffering and death and gain bliss and immortality. Many great thinkers, looking beyond the names and forms of the various religions and philosophies which have existed through history, have looked for tradition of knowledge which reflects the Universal Truth and allows people of every generation to connect with It.

More importantly we should recognize what is universal in the different teachings of the world - which is to discard that which is not universal. The real unity is self-existent at the core of who we are. It cannot be fabricated by validating the differences that exist at the surface. The unity of the ocean exists at its depth, not at the level of the waves, which must ever remain turbulent.

There are others who want to create a universal tradition anew by discarding the religions of the world, recognizing that all the religions we possess have become limiting identities. Yet this would be like trying to create a new science by discarding all that science has previously discovered. We must take what is universal in the teachings of the world, neither validating them at the level of their surface differences, nor discarding all that they have to offer.

As such a tradition always exists in the cosmic mind we only need to restore its outer functioning. To do this we must recognize the tradition which has existed and the forms it has created.

Excerpts from writings by David Frawley

In the pursuit of learning every day something is gained.
In the pursuit of Tao, every day something is dropped.

Tao Te Ching

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