Egg Analysis Tools

A package for downloading and analysing data from the GCP archives has been created by William Treurniet. It is called EggAnalysis and can be downloaded from his website at

Here is his description:

I've developed a new application for Windows for analyzing egg data in the format delivered by the Custom Basket Data Request web page. I would like to contribute this software (C++ source code and executable) to the research community.

The program has a remote access capability which enables it to download data directly without using a web browser. Of course, it can also read the same data stored locally. And there is a batch mode which enables it to analyze a number of time intervals without manual intervention. Further, start and stop times can span a day boundary.

I lifted some code from the EGGSHELL project [created by John Walker] for some of the statistical analysis, so it generates the usual stuff to do with the Stouffer_Z score. I added some more output variables related to the egg variance, as well as several smoothing filters which can be applied to the output time series. There is also the option of generating audio output for several variables where pitch corresponds to the variables' magnitudes. Also, if Gnuplot is installed, data plots may be displayed from within the application.

With regard to checking data integrity, the program only excludes data that falls outside the range of 55-145.

You are welcome to download and use the EggAnalysis tools. We are interested in comments and suggestions, as well as bug reports. Please send them to rdnelson at

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